“… heart, funny bone, loins?” — Why I have been silent.

Market AwayOver the past couple days, I have been dedicating myself to TIME FRAME. We have received many great submissions for the beginning of this Online Publication and I am very excited for where we are headed. I have also designed a poster which has been emailed out and posted on the site for people to print and pass out. (Also, it’s right here in this post! Note: thumbnail). Not being a marketing major in college, I am not really certain how to get the word out for TIME FRAME, but right now posters and word-of-mouth seems to be working alright. Especially, word- of-mouth.

Our biggest struggle is getting all the interested people to actually submit their work, or stop self-criticizing themselves and choosing not to submit. Somehow, I’ll have to encourage them otherwise.Yay, challenges!

Anyway, with all the energy I have put into TIME FRAME in the last couple of days (while balancing my full time job at the newspaper), I have been unable to edit my next creative post. It is a piece I conjured in the heat of the moment, so while the language is passionate and clever, there are many mistakes and it is ill-organized. Hopefully, if all goes according to plan, and if TIME FRAME can live without me for a day or two, I will be able to post this special piece.

Titled: “In Love with a Celebrity,” it is a look at our relationship, as the viewer, to celebrities and the unrequited connections we form with them. In other words, it is a comic piece on the unfortunate celebrity crushes we suffer in our life, and how social media, like twitter, and reality t.v. shows do not make life any easier. I believe this is a widely understood emotion, and hope that it will touch a certain place in my reader’s … heart, funny bone, loins?  Either way, expect this post in the next few days, but hopefully tomorrow afternoon!

xx, Kristin

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