Stroking the Navy of Night

I’d never seen something so calm – so beautiful. The way it grazed the land. Like a hand stroking the surface of the earth. Turning and grabbing the trees, homes, cars – anything in its journey. Lights were glowing within, stroking the navy of the night with hot white light. Spinning with it – spinning slowly. Ten miles, twenty miles wide – I could not tell. Could not feel alarm. Only the wonder, the awe, the loss of breath. The shouts of those around me getting caught in the air being pulled into silence. As I was – as the rotating headlights and the streetlights that had yet to realize that they were set free. Rotating. Spinning. I felt myself move towards it. Slow steps. Hair pulled in front of my face. Arms being held up from my sides with the wind as it grew stronger, stronger, stronger. The shouts, the screams. My name. Someone was calling me but as each step grew lighter and as I felt the wind holding me longer in stride and there was no turning back…


xx, Kristin 


  1. Kristin, the picture is clear through your wonderful words.
    Agree, beautiful!
    Is this something you are doing for the final paper?

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