I Am A Creative Professional.

Kristin Bergene - July 2013I am a Professional Creative. While I have a creative side and have always considered myself an artist and writer, there has always been a drive to be on the business side of these fields. It is the part of my character that allows me to bridge the gap between organizations and their creative clients. It allows me to think outside the box when it comes to problem solving and productivity. There is nothing more I enjoy than working with a team towards a common goal or mission and I have no fears in retaining a leadership role.

At the moment, I am building my career goals with a position as Acting Executive Director and Gallery Manager at Smithy Center for the Arts. This organization has allowed me to expand my experience and build a passion to be the front-lines of bringing art and literature to small communities. For the SCA, I have developed publications, curated galleries and re-developed marketing plans that have begun to bring new faces to our events.

As a professional, I am always looking to expand my knowledge on my choose fields, which is why I have also begun a small publishing boutique – River Ram Press. We are using the power of this digital world to meet our market, Young and New Adult readers, and to give unknown writers their chance to become published by a dedicated publishing house in this world of self-publishers.

For what comes next, I aim to join the corporate world with an international angle. I aim to remain a Creative Professional…

To see more of my resume, visit my LinkedIn Profile: Kristin E. Bergene

xx, Kristin 

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