Who are YA Books Meant For?

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There has been some controversy in the book world lately on the subject of Young Adult novels in the hands of mature adults.Ā It is not too far of a stretch to suggest that most readers have questioned how old is ā€˜too oldā€™ to read a book that starsĀ high school aged characters ā€“ many of whom are experiencing the joys of first love (be it more impassioned and dangerous than a typical high school studentā€™s experience). Now, instead of having usĀ summarizing the opposingĀ views on the subject, we suggest you read the opposing articles on the subject listed below.

And donā€™t forget to let us know what you thinkā€¦

CON, The article that started it all:Ā 

Against YAby Ruth Graham

PRO, the quick counter argument:Ā 

Really? Areā€¦

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