Chapter Four

Since I’ve had this blog, I’ve lived through several chapters of my life. It is weird to think that each of them have been recorded here…

10619973_10202882162839245_3611225750629195918_oChapter One: I began to take my passion for writing seriously. It started with this blog and continued with an application to do my MA in London. On my acceptance to Kingston University, I discovered a whole new asset to being Kristin Bergene. There came moments where my talents developed into places that even shocked myself. As I handed in my dissertation, I realized that not only I was confident in the work, but would proud of these pages regardless of the end results. For another year, I was blessed while I lived in London and worked in publishing houses. The fates had convinced me that I would remain in this city. 

Chapter Two began with the shattering realization that I was back in my high school bedroom (changed as it was, thanks to my sister) for the foreseeable future. In this moment of weakness, another hidden piece of myself surfaced and demanded attention. Months of a muted existence resulted in the discovery of my depression. It was beyond the challenges that I’d faced abroad, but this time I had my family. As my confidence was rebuilt, with much support, I met a man that I could love with a full heart. 

Chapter Three began with the world’s entrance into 2014. My boss at the gallery resigned and the title of Interim Executive Director was placed on my green and nervous shoulders. The board gave me permission to hire back my old colleague, and I took the cautious steps to lead our organization – one day at a time, one event at a time and one term at a time. The man I’d loved became a boy in my eyes, and with a hard realization, I was once again a single woman – struggling with the weight of criss-crossing emotions, but this time excelling. Each month, I found a stronger stride and felt a change coming. There was a new content feeling, a taste of happiness that I’d not felt in years. 

Today, I am aware of the start of a new chapter. After a weekend full of temptations that would bring me back to a place where shutting the blinds was easy, I said no. The mystery of my recent strong motivation has not yet surfaced, but with it I have been able to work towards long-set goals and checked them off the list with energy to spare. There is a fresh devotion to my work. A fresh devotion to my freedom as an independent woman and a new devotion to the path that is laid before me. My decisions the bricks. My confidence the cement.

I am content with the present.
I am happy. 

10665897_10202888555559059_373142676529906682_nWhat I wanted when the blog was begun, has become my reality. I have earned my MA in Publishing and Creative Writing and with this education, River Ram Press was born. When I look at myself, or think of myself, I know I am a strong woman who has the courage to defend her ideals and desires. My beauty has little to do with my appearance but everything to do with my confidence in my ability. Work challenges me and brings me another level of happiness with my success and my mistakes. I am a writer. My skills have been discovered and I have been hired as a ghost writer for a book that I’m honored to write. It is a position that would’ve escaped me at the start of this blog. 

Of course, what Chapter Four will bring is unknown, but where the doors have closed on my past I am now comfortable to turn away. It is time to look forward and that’s just exciting. 

xx, Kristin 

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