Kristin’s Tuesday Touch Base: You Probably Want to Know About Me… Yeah?

One day I’ll post an article on my own blog again… until then, here’s another quick post!

River Ram Press #InspireWriters #InspireReaders

Kristin Bergene


This thought occurred to me, as I was snuggling into bed with a new David Sadaris book, that you have to listen to me chat on about River Ram Press when you have no clue who I am or what I am, or what I do. This, of course, might not bother you, but for those who are interested, this post is for you!

I am a person who has always been involved with creative careers from working with kids when I was in high school, to being a gallery manager and of course, working in publishing. A few years ago, I worked for a newspaper in my town and from there decided to earn my MA in Publishing and Creative Writing. Without a doubt, this was the best decision of my life. I lived in London for several years and was able to earn a degree in a field that I’ve loved…

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