A Summer Off from — Doing Things.

Potentially, for the first time in my professional life, I took the summer off from — doing things.

It was a season of no obligations for anything beyond my 9 to 5, while watching through Netflix in the evenings. Previous to this unusual choice, I was offered placement for a career change at a local college – not teaching – and decided that I needed to focus on one thing at a time for a moment – though I didn’t know what a moment meant at the time.


It took months, but I learned one very valuable lesson: I need — things!

The feeling of a start-up business and a volunteer team who believes in the content and the mission as much as myself, the founder of that chaos. The inspiration that comes from being overwhelmed by passions and discovering new roads in life that would allow those passions to become the magical 9 to 5. Dreaming of the written word, and stories that have been blocked from my creative mind for far too long.

Perhaps, I’m taking on too much too fast, but I feel as though I’m rejoining civilization after a walk though the desert – and my thirst is overwhelming.


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