*NEW* Facebook Page for my Art!

Long time, no post… 

Anyway, just logging on to direct people who may find this page to my new Facebook page: Kristin E. Bergene! There is nothing more simple than updating a facebook page, which is why I have decided that I will now move my creative portfolio to rest there (though, I will leave this blog alive and well).

On my facebook page, you will find a helpful range of my work:

  • Illustrations: ink drawings and paintings.
  • Graphic Design Work: rack cards, brochures, flyers, etc. for clients.
  • Web Design / Curation: links to websites that I am maintaining for clients.
  • Written Work: creative projects, contributing blog posts, blog posts from Kristin Bergene Writer.

In the near future, I will also be launching an Etsy Site where I will be selling my prints and originals of my illustrations. Please, stay tuned for that information by either liking my facebook page or continuing to follow this incredibly inactive blog.

Additionally, I am on a mission to put my artwork in the public eye which means I will be joining local galleries and exhibiting my work. If you are interested in support me on this journey, again, please like my facebook page!

much love, xxx,
Kristin E. Bergene

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