About Kristin

IMG_20140621_112448I’m a girl who loves to get lost in novels, lost in nature and generally lost from this digital world. I believe the world needs to redefine success and realize that the purpose of life is always to find happiness.

Hopeless romantic, in the literary sense of the word.

Longs for a true green thumb and to have big gardens of bright flowers and healthy vegetables. But most importantly, there must always be an international trip in my near future.

To find more, please visit: kristinbergene.com
NaNoWriMo: kristinbergene
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  1. Hope you don’t mind a Follower here and on Twitter. I am a hopeless literary romantic Southern Gentleman who just shares my writing and hopes people find entertainment in it. Look forward to exploring what you have here.

      • I was just reading about your River Ram Press. Interesting concept. I like the ambition. And you called me sir. I now feel…old. So sad. sniff sniff Do you hear the tears falling? 🙂 Love politeness. A rarity these days. Thank you for the reply, ma’am.

      • Glad you got my humor there. 🙂 An amnesiac forgets if he has one sometimes. 🙂 Try to write a book and not remember what you wrote the previous day. Makes life interesting.

      • You’re welcome. I see so many ‘professional’ photos on sites that I just want to see what’s behind it. Your energy comes out in your blog pictures, which sounds odd I know, but it also connects readers to you. People that have the professionally done pics I tend to just kind of shy away from. I like real, even with a professional author.

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